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Locked Safe Toronto Locksmith



Q. I'm sitting in front of my locked safe, how do I open it?

Answer: First off you must know there is a difference between the lock manufacturer or the safe manufacturer. Most safe manufacturers are helpful when you have a locked safe.. If they are not, or the brand of safe is unknown, refer to the brand of lock and go from there. If you are unsure of the lock or safe make, or if you are in a hurry to recover your belongings please call Toronto Safecracker or another locksmith or safe tech. If you do use a locksmith, make sure they have experience and training working with safes.

Q. Should I get an Electronic or Mechanical lock on my safe

Answer: From experience, Toronto Safecracker recommends mechanical combination locks as being more reliable. However, electronic locks are becoming increasingly more reliable as the technology is perfected.

Mechanical locks have been in development for much longer. Most of the kinks have been worked out and there are few variations in their designs today for that reason. These locks generally take a bit longer to open depending on the user. Be warned that excessive speed or force when dialing can cause damage to even the most robust mechanical lock.

Digital combination locks have their advantages, as well: more useable combinations, quicker openings, some even have audit trails and multiple codes that allow you to track the opening of the safe. Digital combination locks are also easier to equip with time locks than mechanical locks are. If you are unsure about what kind of lock you need, have a Safe Technician come out to evaluate your safe or needs.

Q. What are the differences between Burglary and Fire safes?

Answer: There are three major classifications of safes:

Fire safes are built to resist the damage from fire by insulating the contents from the fire and providing enough moisture to prevent combustion. In most cases, these safes are near useless against attacks from burglars and their tools.

Burglary safes secure against most brute force entry attempts for some time but will not protect the contents in the event of a fire.

Fire/Burglary Combination safes are built to withstand both events of fire and burglary attempts. They often cost much more than their single-use counterparts.

Q. Should I buy a new or used safe?

Answer:  Buying a used safe can be a good way to save money, but choosing the right one can be daunting. Some of your older safes are so old that their protection rating does not properly address the hazards of fire and advanced burglary techniques that are used today. Others were crafted with such care that they can be used to protect valuables against virtually all the hazards of today. 

 New safes can be a way to prevent headaches, as they are usually warrantied against any malfunctions for a period of time. If you are still unsure of your choice Please discuss this with a safe technician. This is a purchase that will most likely be a long-term one intended to protect your valuables. The best advice I can give you is getting the best safe you can afford within your budget. 

Q. Can I just call my regular locksmith to open my locked safe?

Answer: Certainly, if your locksmith has had the training or extensive experience with safes (particularly with safes or problems similar to the one you’re experiencing.) Some of the best Safe Technicians work as general locksmiths, but so do some of the worst. The best solution would be calling around and making sure you get the best expert for your situation.

Toronto Safecracker works on and specializes in safes and vaults exclusively. We will also have no issue recommending a nearby Safe Technician or Locksmith if you are out of our area or if for some reason we are not able to accommodate you.

Q. After entering the correct combination a few times, my combination/safe lock opens eventually; why should I bother having maintenance performed if it still works after some trial-and-error?

Answer:  Now is your chance to save money! A combination lock that slowly takes longer to open every time is a sure warning sign that a lockout is imminent. A simple maintenance visit will be much less expensive than a lockout. If you experience a safe that takes more than two attempts to open with the correct combination (or more than once on more than one occasion) call Toronto Safecracker or your local Safe Technician. It'll save you money in the long run.